Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Introduction about this Jute Enquiry / Enquiries BLOG

In this 'BLOG', I request the readers to send their Jute &  Jute  Products related enquires, with all the specifications (including the Quantity, Size, print specifications, accessories, blend composition - if any, FOB norms, etc., Photo - if any, Supply / Order terms, etc.) so that, your enquiry will be circulated to all concerned Jute product manufacturers, in India.  Jute related enquiries (As per AUTHOR’s  discretion)  will  be  listed below, and interested parties/suppliers, may respond to it directly, if you meet the requirements

For posting your jute related Enquiries/ requirements, you are requested to send your enquiry details, with Full  Product  specifications and  with your Company / Organization name, full postal CONTACT address [including Country code/Pincode, etc.], Contact  Email and contact phone /Mobile no. / fax no.,   by Email, to the following link :

Your enquiry details will be duly dealt by the Author and if required, will be circulated to all concerned Jute manufacturers(Product-wise) in India, for responding to your enquiry, directly.   Your enquiry details will be published in this Blog, after considering its nature & importance of the enquiry, in order to maintain certain decorum of this Blog.  Publishing the Enquiry details, is subject to the discretion of the Author

Please Note : This BLOG is only an informative Promotional  BLOG. Author do not take part in the actual transaction that takes place between the buyer/Enquirer and Suppliers (Buyer/Enquirer mean the Party enquired/referred for Jute products in the Blog and Suppliers mean the Manufacturers / suppliers shown/referred in the Blog) and hence Author is not a party to any contract for Sale negotiated between the Enquirer/buyer and supplier. All transactions will be the responsibility of the Enquirer/buyer and supplier only. Their transaction shall Not be deemed to create any partnership, joint venture, or other joint business relationship between the Author and other party.